Friday, January 24, 2014

Sweet Baby

A Pirate Ship Fit for a Baby

One of the sweet girls my daughter works with at Loft is having a baby... a baby boy to be more specific!  This Sunday the girls at Loft are throwing her a surprise baby shower.  The mom-to-be loves Alice in Wonderland and so they are giving her an Alice in Wonderland Brunch.  My daughter was an Art major at William and Mary and she volunteered to make the signs for the party!  I thought I would share them along with a card I made for the baby.

Tim Holtz would be so proud!!  I had altered these pictures and for some reason I cannot get them to upload right.  In person they are so cute.  All stamped and distressed and cut out by hand!
The card I  made is from a bag that I bought for the gifts and I have compressed it and turned it and it still won't upload properly, so I am going to show it anyways!

The bag is the one in the back and my card is in the front.

and inside is....
I thought everything turned out great!  What a lucky girl. Her friend the chef is preparing the food.  I know they will have a fabulous time!
Until next time friends....Blessings, Betty Sue


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